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2016 Nissan Kicks: Engines,Specs, Price, Release

The manufacturer Nissan boasts an outstanding addition in the complacent model Kicks; inspired by the traditional Brazilian dance, Samba. The Brazilian car market awaits its newest addition the outstanding SUV that will be introduced at the 2016 Nissan Kicks. It is an anticipated myster, since the spicy colors and replete bodymake in views of teasers encompasses us to fraternize about the vehicle. Not only does the outlook and concept comprehensively entails to feature the promising engineering brilliance, the specifications are driven by the audacity this model beholds.

2016 Nissan Kicks

2016 Nissan Kicks: Engine Options

Apart from being a sensation to eyes, the engine is offered in a wide range of options and each just about fine performance integration. Under the hood, it is an anticipated 1.6-liter flex-fuel engine, originally traced by its precursors, Sunny and Versa. Many predictions also surround its engine to be offered in two diesel options: 1.5-liter or 1.6-liter Turbo-Diesel. The Turbo incorporated diesel engine delivering fuel economy is unknown, yet it has to be enticingly interesting figures, just as it is expected by Nissan to finish in fuel efficiency figures terms. The anticipated engine holds a capacity to produce a power out of 460 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. As it is still not revealed what the engine will hold in the 2016 model, many experts claim that Nissan has laid great emphasis in establishing a benchmark in fuel economy. We are compelled to cross fingers to see what amiablity beholds under the hood in upcoming 2016 Nissan Kicks, integrated by a high performance engine alongside undertaking great fuel efficiency.

2016 Nissan Kicks specs

2016 Nissan Kicks: Exterior Styling, Equipment and Specs

Since the exterior overlooks any courage to host a somber theme, it delivers the exact notion to stand-out from the monotony of typical crossover subjects. The Brazilian Samba well incorporates with the same; adding the orange color to the top as well as the rims, which certainly gives a sportier look. Yet, the Nissan Kicks 2016 does not stand on a single pivot of design; as of its exterior, the grey color tone palette recollects an impulse of the corporate world. Elsewhere, the vehicle design is characterized by a soft black range.

The interior base has not been much revealed prior to its release in Brazil, yet momentous conjectures and expectations by potential customers favor an appeal of remarkably the same features which willed their way into getting along with current and past models. In an outlook of the same, we can find comfortable interior decoration, leather seats, spacious cabin and marginal cargo space. Only the extra space in cargo and cabin are expected of space in general. The dashboard certainly features a compelling appearance with much technological advancements stretching to provide high utility. Ensuing one can majorly control many functions of safety and infotainment system by the dashboard panel rewards a first-rate experience for customers. Besides that, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, Cruise control system, rear parking sensors, rear view cam, 7-inch touchscreen and Satellite navigation are the included. The promising word of safety features airbags against collisions.

2016 Nissan Kicks interior

2016 Nissan Kicks: Price and Release Date

The release date of the 2016 Nissan Kicks is unknown yet it is expected to arrive in the first half this year with a price from $16,000 to $19,000.

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