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2017 Cadillac XT5 Review

It has been noticed that the attention of most of the Cadillac fans have been on the CT6 sedan but little do they know about XT5 which the New York based company has recently launched and is in line to replace the SRX. The new 2017 Cadillac XT5 is short for crossover Touring 5 and comes with less weight as it weighs 278 pound less than the old SRX. As for the interior space, it is bettered by 3.2 inches and is shorter by 0.8 inch and narrower by 0.2 inches. The wheelbase of the XT5 is also 2 inches longer than the older version of SRX. The front of the XT5 SUV has got best parts of CT6 and Escalade’s fascias and comes along with strong egg crate type grille and some very amazing LED accent lights. It does look very decent on the car of XT5’s size. The taillights of the car curve up and go over the rear haunches. This leads to a stronger line of shoulder which then turns to the front of the car. It definitely is a car that is much better to the one it is replacing. 

2017 Cadillac XT5

2017 Cadillac XT5: Design and Features

The interior of the 2017 Cadillac XT5 is something very special as it has wood trimmings, amazing inserts and comes with warm leather. The steering wheel of the car that has been covered with wood accent looks really bold and elegant. You will also find a lot of buttons on the wheel. Following the trend, the company has also included a center console that is based on the design of floating bridge and comes along with plenty of storage space beneath it. In the SRX, all of this was just not good enough. It might be early to judge but the impression of the leather that has covered the dash board does look good but it will be too soon to compare it with SRX without touching it for real.

One of the best features that have found its way in to the 2017 Cadillac XT5 and is not available in SRX is the new rear camera mirror system. All you will have to do is flip in to the reverse gear and transform into all encompassing rear view camera which is going to help the driver as it enhances the vision by 300%. Furthermore, the car also makes use of sophisticated technology in the form of high resolution camera and internal software to remove pillar and roof for a better and clearer view.

2017 Cadillac XT5 rear

2017 Cadillac XT5: Engine Specs

Coming under the hood, there is not much change as both of the car uses the same engine. Like the SRX, the 2017 Cadillac XT5 also make use of 3.6-liter V6 which is the same as used in the ATS and CTS sedan. In this model, start/stop button has been provided which would help in saving fuel but that cannot be said for certain as no information regarding fuel mileage has so far been released. The car will also come with a turbocharged four cylinder XT5 but for some reasons, that variant has only been reserved for China.

Having the V6 engine under its hood, the car would be able to deliver 310 HP and will be able to produce a torque of 270. The HP might be more than Audi, BMW and Lexus, the torque somehow lag behind to the likes of these cars.

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