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2017 Dodge Ramcharger: Performance, Suspension, Price

Although still a concept car, the 2017 Dodge Ramcharger is rumored to pack some solid features that are going to make it a powerful SUV on its own right. We therefore try and have a look at the various features that is going to be included in this new Dodge vehicle.

2017 Dodge Ramcharger

2017 Dodge Ramcharger: Features and Performance

The 2017 Dodge Ramcharger is going to be a full-size SUV that supports electronic locking front and rear differentials. There is also going to be a disconnecting electronic sway bar as well. Other notable features include Bilstein shocks, 33-inch off road tires, 4.10 axle ratios, custom-built Warn with 12000 pound winch and underbody skid plate protective unit. It also comes with 14.5 inch ground clearance that makes it ideal for all kinds of roads and terrains. SLT offers great comfort along with nice off road features and the Laramie bring comfort and luxury along with a unique look.

The interiors of 2017 Dodge Ramcharger are kept simple and standard, as nothing special or unique is added to it. Instead of making the interiors more attractive, the engineers have focused on enhancing the performance of the vehicle. The brand new three-link suspension can offer enhanced stiffness and user competency.

2017 Dodge Ramcharger redesign

2017 Dodge Ramcharger: Suspension and Engine Specs

The 2017 Ramcharger is going to come with a powerful suspension that is particularly engineering and designed for Power Wagon. It comes with Blisten shocks in all the four corners, control arms, spring rates as well as a lift that is more than 2 inches. There is an advanced 3-link suspension at the front that provides with roll stiffness. Also the new Ram Articulink designing helps to integrate high movement joints around control arm-to-axle mount.

This allows for additional flexibility and axle articulation. The electronically-operated disconnecting sway bar is used by the truck for additional flexibility that in turn sets in motion the front axle. This allows it to move independently off the frame of the truck.

Dodge Ramcharger will be equipped with a 6.4 liter HEMI V8 16 valve engine that can produce 460 pound-feet of torque at 5600 rpm and 440 horsepower. This engine is definitely going to offer great performance on all occasions and present with great power, maneuverability and off-road capabilities. It will also be easy for the users to handling this large crossover. The throttle speed of this vehicle could be softened by adding some modifications and key drive modes.

This will enable 2017 Dodge Ramcharger to get past any kind of road obstacles. It will also be high on fuel economy features. The new fuel saver system can help to conserve fuel during favorable conditions. A 66RFE 6-speed automatic transmission is coming with this engine as well.

2017 Dodge Ramcharger interior

2017 Dodge Ramcharger: Price and Release

At present, there is no news as to when the 2017 Dodge Ramcharger is going to be released for the market. However, experts seem to believe that it will see the light of day sometime late in 2016 or early 2017. As regards to its pricing, there is still no news on that either as it is too soon to tell anything.

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