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2017 Ford Bronco: Rumors, Engine, Price, Release

Ford Bronco was first released in the year 1966. This vehicle had an amazing history and it was known as one of the most loved full-size SUVs. The North American market loves it too. The new generation model is all set for release. Let’s take a look at the upgrades: The 2017 Ford Bronco will have the Ford Atlas concept. This concept is not going to be as heavy as the predecessors so the fuel efficiency and acceleration is going to be improved. The SUV is going to receive minor refreshments but they will be visible. A 2- inch wheels will be provided.


2017 Ford Bronco: Design and Features

Unlike the previous model, the 2017 Ford Bronco is going to have 4-doors and it will have the trim level of SVT Raptor. The only thing that is visible about the design right now is bigger wheels. The rounded headlights and taillights will be seen. New materials will be provided for the Atlas products so the weight of the vehicle is going to decrease. The new features that are found inside in the vehicle include GPS navigation system, automatic climate control, Bluetooth, adaptive cruise control and more. There is nothing much stunning installed in the cabin. However, the cabin is spacious and the legroom has been improved too. It is expected whatever technology features are added in the vehicle, this will make the cabin even more attractive. Luxurious materials are going to be provided and high quality changes will be added in the cabin. The SAT-NAV infotainment system will be seen on the dashboard. The cargo can now adjust the additional equipment. 2 LED headlights are provided and advance fog lights will be seen to make the model appealing in its visuals. This vehicle is going to be comfortable for on-road and even off-road rides.


2017 Ford Bronco: Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Ford Bronco is going to have an improved fuel economy. Nothing about the engine is official by Ford yet. However, it is expected that several engine options will be provided. The base engine model is 2.7-liter turbocharged 6 cylinder engine that will be capable of producing 325 hp and torque of 375 pound feet. The second engine option is 3.5 liter v6 engine that is capable of producing 365 hp and torque of 420 pound feet. The engine option is going to be powerful. The most powerful engine is the 5-liter 8 cylinder engine. All the engine options will be paired with the 6 speed auto transmission. No manual transmission is going to be available. The fuel efficiency, fuel economy, handling, traction, and acceleration will be improved. Everything is going to be wonderful and the driver will experience as he will be driving the 2017 Bronco on the road.


2017 Ford Bronco: Price and Release

It is too early to say anything about the release date of 2017 Ford Bronco. The price is going to be based on the features that will be introduced. The starting price will be $45,000. Rumors say that the SUV will be represented by the mid of 2016.

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