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2017 Ford Edge: Design, Features, Engines, Price

Ford Edge is a very popular SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) which is heavily based on the highly successful model from Ford, the Kuga. It is an enhanced and improved version of this prize model and is rated very highly among the fans and critics equally. It is also the car spearheading Ford’s business ventures and portfolios in Europe. It has been a tough car to beat and that has been proved time and again. This time, the Blue Oval is ready to unveil their latest version, which will be released as the 2017 Ford Edge and will come packed with many improvements and improvisations, making it stay put, or even reach greater heights.

2017 Ford Edge

2017 Ford Edge: Design and Safety Features

Ford’s Edge crossover SUV is giving an edge to all its competitors with the type of looks it has in its latest version. This latest brand new 2017 Ford Edge boasts of a proper sized grille design up in front, which is laced in chrome which ignites excitement in the eyes and minds of onlookers. This effective and beautiful grille design is flanked by strikingly handsome headlamps which serve as the grille design’s side kick. These headlamps are similar to the ones that have scripted unfathomable commercial success back in the States since as long back as 2007 and will undoubtedly be repeating its heroics once again for this 2017 Edge.

What adds to the glamour of these headlamps is the fact that they are powered by latest LED lighting technology which provides much clearer lighting, thus enhancing visibility while going very easy on power consumption. 2017 version of Ford Edge has been enhanced by quite a noteworthy amount in its exterior and will serve well as a purpose to increase space in the interior as well as improve luggage storing capacity.

Several other details like air intake vents, bumper designs, both in the front end as well as the back end, curves and lines all over its body, etc. add to that masculine factor of this car which will be a stepping stone for it to be successful. Chrome lining has been applied in abundance which makes its unique exterior design stand out, making it look confident enough to take on any competitor by its horns.

As mentioned earlier, dimensions of the 2017 Ford Edge will be increased by a considerable margin. This has led to an imminent increase in space inside the cabin of the SUV. Passengers will now be able to enjoy more leg room and head room. Simple looks have been well complimented by the powerful audio system with formidable speakers, having noise cancellation technology. Other tech includes the hands-free operation of many parts. Safety features have been paid special attention to. Following trims are to be provided: SE, SEL, Sport, Titanium and Platinum.

2017 Ford Edge design

2017 Ford Edge: Engines and MPG

Following engines are being heard of for 2017 Ford Edge: a 3.5L V6 with 280 HP, a 2.7L with 320 HP and 2.0L with 245 HP. These will come with a 6-speed auto/manual transmission with FWD/AWD. Fuel economy is expected to be 18-20/25-31 mpg on city/highways.

2017 Ford Edge interior

Price and Release

The updated 2017 Ford Edge crossover  is expected to hit showrooms in mid-2016, and the starting price should be at around $28,000.

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