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2017 Ford Everest: Platform, Engine, Updates

Those who love sports utility vehicles are suggested to focus on the Ford Everest series, because it was started to create a new trend in the SUV line up. According to the latest news, Ford is going to introduce the all-new 2017 Ford Everest with updated features and better technologies.

2017 Ford Everest

2017 Ford Everest: Updates and Equipment

Nowadays, Ford has started to utilize the special vehicle designing strategies especially for the sports utility cars. The new 2017 Ford Everest will be a superb opportunity with new aerodynamics. Ford is aimed to increase the height of this model. This will give it a new look and appearance. This five door vehicle will get slightly upward back. The weight will decrease because of special components such as aluminum and steel. There is no update about the platform and other systems. It is expected that Ford will include the platform of previous model with new aerodynamics.

Outside style of this SUV is according to the special trends. It has been equipped with new headlights and taillights. The back lights are slightly upward giving a new shape. On the other hand, the back light box is also pointing outward. Overall back of the Everest is moving outward just like a crossover. The bonnet of new SUV has two prominent depressions ending above the headlights. This bonnet is sleek and straight. The grille has been designed according to conventional SUV models. It has two horizontal layers uniting in the center with Ford’s tag. The Headlights have a rectangle box. Ford has decided to keep LED round bulbs in the headlamps, taillights and indicators. The tires will be 20 inches minimum with solid aluminum rims.

Interior specifications are similar to the last version. However, Ford will try to make it little different than the previous model. In order to produce differences in the new SUV model, the dashboard has been kept simple. Driving cabin is large with more space. It has been decorated with adjustable seats, hand resting place, manual door lock, window, bonnet cover and cargo control. There will be a power steering having active dynamic functioning. There are numerous control buttons for the easy driving. Ford will include a large HHD touch screen offering numerous functions. The Sync 2 infotainment system will give an amazing level of entertainment. The 2017 Everest contains Surface Control Management, traction control, stability control, cruise control, and LED lights, fog lights, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft alarms, pedestrian alert, parking assist and driving memory system.

2017 Ford Everest redesign

2017 Ford Everest: Engine and Arrival

Details about the engine of the 2017 Ford Everest is not available. Ford will use a powerful setup for the SUV, so we hope to see a 3.5-liter EcoBoost that delivers 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torue. It is hard to expedite the fuel consumption rate of 2017 Ford Everest now. This information will be updated after receiving engine details.

2017 Ford Everest interior

Information about the price of 2017 Ford Everest is not available yet. Ford will launch this SUV in the last months of 2017.

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