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2017 Ford Kuga: Redesign, Tech, Engine,Price

The Ford Kuga, back when it was unveiled for the first time, a mixed response. Fast forward a few years and now, when the all-new 2017 Ford Kuga was revealed at Los Angeles, it was among a lot of cheerfulness. After all, this C segment crossover has won up a lot of hearts with its nifty size and space. In fact, with the new iteration, it has received a few much anticipated upgrades in almost all crucial sectors, from the way it looks to performance and even safety.

2017 Ford Kuga

2017 Ford Kuga Will Get Redesigned Exterior and New Tech Inside

Ford has always been a company which was renowned for its corporate look. As such, the previous version of the Kuga was one of the only cars which did not really portray that look. In the looks department, Ford as finally corrected this. With redesigned exterior and a front trapezoidal grille, the look has been shifted to a bolder perspective. In order to match the set, the headlights have been redesigned as well with the inclusion of fog lights and a revamped lower air intake system to increase passive air cooling system. The rear end has been redesigned with a new tail light and clear graphics. The wheels have been changed to offer what Ford says will be increased comfort in the new design. Besides the base version, the SUV is poised to get 2 more trim levels in the Sports version, the SE trim and the more premium Titanium trim for those who wish to feel really special.

While most people might think that there have been no changes on the interior of the 2017 Ford Kuga from the current version, which is wrong. Ford has, in fact, added a new 3 spoke steering wheel to keep the tone decidedly corporate. Also, incorporated is an all new climate control switch for greater precision along with an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen to bring the crossover up to date with its already hi-tech cousins. On the transmission front, Ford has decided to totally overhaul the design of the central tunnel to incorporate the electronic parking brake, a few cup holders and a USB charging port for all those times when you just need to have the phone charged.

Ford is moving to the digital era with the inclusion of the all new SYNC system which, besides all the cool features like remote locking and app integration would be able to provide essential information on things like tire pressure, fuel levels etc. Combine all this with features like adaptive cruise control, assisted parking systems, lane alert etc. and it is easy to see why we are in love with the new 2017 Ford Kuga.

2017 Ford Kuga redesign

2017 Ford Kuga: Engines and Price

The new Kuga SUV will most likely come out in more than o a single variant. There have been talks of an all-new 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine being offered with a twin scroll turbocharger alongside the current version 2.5 l naturally aspirated Duratec 4 cylinder engine. According to Ford, this will make the new version much more fuel efficient and smoother to handle overall.

2017 Ford Kuga interior-dash

With competitive models, the price of the new 2017 Ford Kuga should hover around the $25,000 mark with availability pegged in the first quarter of 2017.

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