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2017 GMC Granite: Changes, Engine, Price

Recent crossover models are getting serious attention. GMC has given a new touch to the production. It is expected that this company will come with a new model of GMC Granite. This will be 2017 GMC Granite with updated features. Let’s see how this new compact SUV will create place in markets.

2017 GMC Granite platform

2017 GMC Granite: Platform and Changes

GMC is going to give it a special structure and frame. New platform will be designed to give it a touch of hatchback and sports utility. The company is focusing towards the frame development. It is aimed to minimize the frame weight. The frame is a combination of steel and first grade aluminum. The basic purpose of incorporating aluminum is to reduce the frame heaviness. The new GMC Granite will get a modified version of aerodynamics. It is expected that GMC will use the previous platform with some changes.

Exterior changes include the bonnet, grille, bumpers and headlights. GMC is aimed to make the new front more stylish. This sharp front includes interesting features. Headlamps are very stylish with a unique shape. GMC has used LED technology to make the headlights and taillights more useful. Grille has been modified in the shape of digital frame. There are three prominent horizontal layers each covered with thin aluminum filament. There are small openings in the grille and tag of GMC is placed in center. This shape makes the front more impressive. Bumpers are really sharp because of a long horizontal layer. There are small openings in the bumper allowing more air intake. Fog lights are small but equipped with LED. These are placed with the bumpers in front of tires.

This four door crossover has an intelligent interior. GMC has made it just like a control room inside the Star War spaceship. Special leather upholstery has been utilized to enhance the decoration inside the spacious driving cabin. The combination of brown and white cover gives an intelligent look. Power steering has Active Dynamic Function with illuminant buttons to control various things such as windscreen wipers. Dashboard is also in white and brown combination. It offers two speedometers, A/C vents, satellite HD radio, large Touch screen and LCD. Digital speakers and synchronized sound system will make infotainment more interesting.


   2017 GMC Granite: Engine and MPG

The 2017 GMC Granite has got special engine setup. It is expected that GMC will include a 1.4 liters engine with 4 cylinders. This engine will generate 138 hp and 148 lb ft torque. There will be a 6-speed automatic transmission with optional all-wheel drive facility. The 2017 GMC Granite will cover 32 miles per gallon in city. Highway drive will add 4 miles per gallon in total.

2017 GMC-Granite-Interior-640x4231

2017 GMC Granite: Rivals, Price and Release

The 2017 Granite has anti-collision alert, pedestrian alert, safety belt, traction control, stability control and rear view camera will be present. This vehicle will compete with Jeep Renegade, Kia Soul and Honda Fit will compete with this new model. The 2017 GMC Granite will appear after the June 2017. The starting price of this version will be $20,000 to $24,000 in USA.

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