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2017 Honda CR-V: Design, Features, Performance, Price

Honda Motor Co. Ltd is a Japanese automobile manufacturer which is popularly known all over the world for its exceptional vehicles. Honda is one of the top manufacturers that are selling their automobiles all over the world in abundance. It has been working in the industry since 1959. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of combustible engines. Every year Honda produces almost 14 million engines for the industry. Honda CR-V is the one-of-a-kind vehicle that is setting an example for its competitors. It is a compact SUV crossover which was debuted in 1995. It was at first inspired from the Honda Civic. The second generation model was out in 2002 with a facelift. 2007 and 2012 were the years of the third and fourth generation models. The fourth generation model is the current model present in the market. Now Honda is determined to come up with a new upcoming model in the coming years. It is going to be the 2017 Honda CR-V coming to hit the roads in the near future with extremely invincible features in and outside the crossover.


2017 Honda CR-V: New Design and Advanced Features

Honda has housed in some pretty fancy features in and outside the upcoming crossover. The model is going to be nothing less than perfection. New features and dimensions are seen on the exterior of the 2017 Honda CR-V. There will be new details and equipment coming along with the crossover, which collectively make it more attractive and luxurious. The front grille will be having a unique and distinct design with the Honda logo on top of it. Headlights are going to be reshaped as well. They will be having advanced LED technology in them for a better view.


Tail lamps will also get a new design with better LED technology this time. Chrome detailing will be seen around the model on the front, the back and around the windows as well. New set of alloy wheels is going to be coming along with it. A wider wheelbase will be coming along which will be providing a bigger cabin. The rear will have a modified bumper with the exhaust pipe showing from below. Everything new and good will be seen in the upcoming crossover. A streamlined body with the wider roofline will make up a great SUV.

When it comes to the inside of the crossover, new and advanced features will be seen there too. The improved and fine upholstery is going to provide maximum comfort to the users. Almost five passengers can easily house inside the cabin of the 2017 Honda CR-V. Modified interface will be there with new equipment installed. Everything will be good as new.


2017 Honda CR-V: Performance and Arrival

The 2017 Honda CR-V is going to have a four-cylinder turbo VTEC 1.5-liter engine present under the hood. This engine will be able to produce high quality performance up to 200 horsepower. Dual-clutch transmission is going to be there with a better fuel economy. The new generation Honda CR-V will come in the showrooms in the beginning of 2017. The price of the SUV has not been revealed yet.

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