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2017 Honda Element: Changes and Performance

With the passage of time, Honda has maintained a significant level of reputation in the technical field. It is launching the sports utility vehicles according to the consumer’s demands. The 2017 Honda Element would be an updated version containing numerous significant and modern technologies for fans.

2017 Honda Element

2017 Honda Element: Design Changes and Interior Features

The designing of the new 2017 Honda Element is little conventional. In fact, Honda has kept the design of all updated version in this series so simple. This is how Honda has maintained the conventional approach in the Element series. This sports utility vehicle is more similar to the Jeep models. Framework is of more concern. Honda has significantly dropped the frame weight. Majority of the framework depends on aluminum. The company will surely change the aerodynamics. It will be modern and suitable for the small shape. This mini SUV will please the users by consuming less fuel because of light weight frame and updated aerodynamics.

Exterior modifications revealed by the spy shots are really exciting. Honda has changed the hood shape. This shape is similar to the upcoming Jeep models. There are two very slight upraised areas on the bonnet right above the headlights. Grille has a different shape. It has been covered with a plastic containing the Honda’s tag. There are vertical openings and four prominent sections in the grille.

Headlights are more sophisticated because of rectangle box. It has a bigger round bulb with a smaller indicator. The taillights are also updated. All the lights are LED equipped. Bumpers have been given a prominent but new shape. There are three horizontal layers with large openings. This will increase the cool air intake to reduce the temperature under the hood.

Interior is completely different than other conventional SUV models. It has a unique seating arrangement perfect for the 6 passengers. The driving cabin contains two standard seats, power steering, new gearbox and a simple dashboard. Back seats are foldable and adjustable. Modern infotainment features such as LCD, a new sound and digital speakers are present.

2017 Honda Element rear

2017 Honda Element: Engine Specs and Safety

This five door vehicle has got all wheel drive feature. This system will be supported by a powerful 2.4 liters engine. This unit will give an output of 166 horsepower and 160 lb ft torque. The 2017 Honda Element is expected to have a highest speed of 112 miles per hour. The 2017 Element will be highly economical for everyone. It will provide coverage of 27 miles per gallon in city. Highway drive is expected to travel 34 miles per gallon.

The crossover will be a safe drive option because of airbags (all-around), safety belts, rear view camera, Google Earth, Driving Memory, traction control, side exit alert and pedestrian alert. Jeep Compass will be strong contestant of this SUV.

2017 Honda Element interior

2017 Honda Element: Price and Release

The starting price of the 2017 Honda Element will be around $19,000 in USA. Honda is planning to introduce the vehicle in upcoming Detroit auto show, Tokyo auto show and Paris car show for first display.

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