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2017 Honda HR-V Modulo: Features, Engine, Price

In the latest Indonesia International Motor Show, Honda was the most prominent car producer with a wide range of sports utility vehicles. The biggest honor it achieved at this show was the successful display of the 2017 Honda HR-V Modulo. Honda has prepared this new sports utility model according to the expectations of HR-V series fans.

 2017 Honda HR-V Modulo

2017 Honda HR-V Modulo: Changes, Features and Infotainment

No doubt, there are numerous similar models available in the markets but fans will recognize the HR-V Modulo with the help of its prominent Chrome Decoration. The 2017 Honda HR-V Modulo body has been retouched in order to produce a special look. Honda has increased the wheelbase slightly (105 inches) in order to give it a typical crossover. The company has considered numerous changes in aerodynamics. This is because of the platform modifications. There will be a new platform with considerable framework.

Exterior upgrade is very prominent. Crossover plus sports utility features will get upgrade. Honda has decided to make the bonnet shorter. There will be four lines slightly upraised giving the bonnet more prominent look. The headlights are oval shaped tapering towards the front doors. Headlights have LED lights in diamond shape. Honda has placed a thin filament of LED light in the headlamp. Grille has two obvious horizontal openings while third layer is covered with aluminum plate. This layer also contains tag of Honda. The roof of this vehicle has slightly prominent bars. These bars are making it an ideal crossover. Front bumpers have small openings with three major segments. The side two segments have LED fog lights for better visibility during night and harsh weather. Honda will broaden the tires (20 inches at least) with stylish rims. Backside of this vehicle has an ideal crossover look.

Interior is rich because of keyless entry. Honda has improved the infotainment system with the help of 6 speakers, Dolby sound and LCD. Dashboard has a big touch screen with HD display. Active dynamic power steering, gearbox, digital LED speedometers, fuel and heat gauge, A/C vents, satellite radio, navigation and Google maps will be some prominent systems in this SUV. USB, Smartphone integration, MirrorLink and Bluetooth will be great gadgets. Airbags, rearview camera, anti-lock brakes, anti-collision alert, safety belts, pedestrian alert and exit alert are some prominent safety options in the new HR-V Modulo. The SUV will compete with Mitsubishi ASX, Nissan Qashqai, Fiat 500 X and Subaru CrossTrek.

2017 Honda HR-V Modulo rear

2017 Honda HR-V Modulo: Engine and Performance

Honda will use Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) in the 2017 Honda HR-V Modulo. The crossover will pack a  1.8-liter engine that will produce 141 horsepower and 126 lb ft torque. This four wheel drive can achieve a highest speed of 125 miles per hour. The 2017 HR-V Modulo will cover 18 miles per gallon in town and 25 miles per gallon with high speed on highway.

2017 Honda HR-V Modulo interior

2017 Honda HR-V Modulo: Price and Arrival

Price of the 2017 Honda HR-V Modulo will be $27,500 for the base model. Honda will introduce this model after the June 2016.  The official premiere of the model happened at Indonesia International Motor show.

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