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2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta): Specs, Engines, Arrival

Subcompact crossover vehicles have attained a significant level of popularity and recognition in auto markets. Hyundai is among the top subcompact crossover vehicle producers. Recently, the official news confirmed that 2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta) has passed the final test drive in the factory.

2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta)

2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta): Platform and Specs

Hyundai is going to remake the platform of the upcoming 2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta). The name Creta is inspired from the famous Greek Island. By launching this model, Hyundai is going to complete the compact SUV series. More aluminum has been included in frame in order to drop weight. Aerodynamics of this crossover sports utility vehicle is in modified form. However, it is completely compatible with the new frame and platform.

Hyundai is more conscious about the dimensions of this SUV. It has increased the length (168 inches), width (70 inches) and height (64 inches). The wheelbase of the SUV will be 102 inches. Hyundai has given it a ground clearance of 8 inches. On the other hand, wider tires of 17 or 18 inches will used for this SUV. Grille is the most prominent part after all these specs. It has three aluminum based horizontal layers.  The first two layers contain Hyundai’s tag. The front bumper is more aggressive with a special shape. The number plate is present there and LED fog lights have been installed in the extreme marginal segments. Bonnet of new Hyundai Creta has slight curves without any upraised or depressed portion. It is expected that Hyundai will use prominent bars on the roof in length.

This four door vehicle has a stylish interior. It has been equipped with special active dynamic power steering. On the other hand, the driving cabin includes new gearbox, adjustable luxury seats, leather covers and automatic window or door locks. The dashboard has been decorated with A/C vents, satellite radio, large HD display with Touch screen, Dolby sound and 6 speakers. There are three LED speedometers with heat gauge and fuel gauge.  USB, Bluetooth and other communication features are also present. Traction control, pedestrian alert, rearview camera, anti-collision alert, anti-lock brakes, stability control and park assist options are present. The 2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta) will be a contestant of Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster.

2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta) rear

2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta): Engine Options

The 2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta) will be a high performance SUV. It will present a 1.6 liters engine as well as a diesel option with the same fuel capacity. The diesel engine will produce 126 hp while petrol engine will deliver 121 hp. Both engines will get 6-speed automatic transmission. However, Hyundai will allow the fans to choose automatic or manual transmissions. This 4 wheel drive vehicle has got additional 2 wheel drive option. The 2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta) will cover 18 miles per gallon with petrol engine and 22 miles per gallon with diesel engine.

2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta) interior

2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta): Price and Arrival

The 2017 Hyundai ix25 (Creta) will be offered for sales in mid 2016. The price of this sports utility vehicle is not available yet. However, it will be equal to other similar SUV options.


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