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2017 Jeep Compass: Rumors, Changes, Engine, Price

After it was announced that FCA is planning of ceasing the production of Jeep Patriot SUV and Jeep Compass, we came across the news that the new generation, 2017 Jeep Compass will be introduced soon. It is going to be a new crossover and it will be available for sale soon. It is expected that a totally new product is going to be seen this time and it will prove to be the best replacement so far for the predecessors. The promotion of this vehicle had already been done in the early part of 2016. The new generation model will be displayed at the Geneva motor show in 2016.


2017 Jeep Compass: Rumors, Changes and Platform

There were plenty of delays in the promotion of this new generation Jeep. In case the models mentioned above are not released then this will lead to gap in the SUVs. Hence the automaker decided that it will continue the production of the 2017 model. The changes will be significant and that will be visible when compared to the predecessors.

The wheelbase for 2017 Jeep Compass has been increased and the platform now used is the small wide platform. It is going to have greater dimensions and cabin space is further going to improve. Now the passengers in the rear seat will find more room. The new platform has improved the interior and exterior but the changes are not going to be revolutionary. The appearance surely is modern and charming. The quality workmanship is going to be seen with the materials used and the upgraded systems are provided. The security system has further improved and features like driver assistance are additionally provided.

There are some rumors available regarding the changes in the appearance. LED headlights and taillights will be provided, the chrome grille is improved, the bumper has been enlarged and the body is now angular. This new Jeep has a tough role to play in today’s time when there are so many competitors and you have to put effort in retaining your old customers and attracting the new ones.

For the interiors, everything best is placed. Leather, wooden trims and plastic touches are going to be seen. Specs and features like touch screen, dual climate control, cruise control and navigation system are offered. The passengers are going to enjoy comfort here. 5 people can be easily adjusted in the Jeep and along with that there will be enough space for luggage. The cabin design is going to be amazed.


2017 Jeep Compass: Engines

The 2017 Jeep Compass is going to get new powertrain. The options include 1.6 liters turbo diesel engine, 2 liters turbo diesel engine and 2.2 liters turbo diesel engine. Gasoline options include 1.4 liters and 2 liters engines and they are turbocharged. Some also say that TigerShark gasoline engine will be provided. There is no information about drive configuration and transmission yet.

2017-jeep-compass interior

2017 Jeep Compass: Price and Arrival

The 2017 Compass will be out either by the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017. The starting price for the Jeep is $21,000 reaching $28,000.

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