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2017 Lincoln Aviator: Design, Tech, Price, Engine

U.S market holds the greatest demand for mid-size luxury SUV. To make the best of this existing demand, the luxury segment of Ford – Lincoln is introducing some spectacular, extravagant SUVs as the 2017 model. What we are talking about here are the 2017 Lincoln Aviator and Navigator models. These models were already pros in their field, but they have undergone further technological reinvention to offer the best kind of luxuries to its riders. It’s an elegant ride with maximum focus being paid to its interior designing. Very small portion of U.S. market is bothered about off-terrain features, so Aviator is built on normal car platform.

2017 Lincoln Aviator

2017 Lincoln Aviator: Design and Comfort

Designing of 2017 Lincoln Aviator is sophisticated and intriguing at once. A chrome strip adorns the hood and extends across its roof to reach its rear lid. The taillights run across its entire width. It’s an iconic model which will certainly impress a lot of new buyers simply with is air of superiority. It’s a luxurious SUV and aptly looks like one. Edged rectangular headlights flank the unusually shaped grille which has been carefully designed to draw attention. It’s a suave SUV that will simply make an impression with its appearance, before one can look into other configurations. Alloyed spoke wheels go well with its overall designing.

Interior was meant to cater to every possible need a buyer can think of while having a ride. There’s been an explicit use of leather, wood and aluminum to make the interior look pleasant and appealing. Color scheme have been wisely chosen using hues like beige with promptly imparts a classy feel to the onlooker. Not only can consumers hope for extravagant leather upholstery covering the seats for comfort, the steering too has been leather wrapped.

2017 Lincoln Aviator

Tech and Features

The 2017 Lincoln Aviator has got a lavish seating arrangement for five full grown adults, with obviously enough space inside the cabin. There are foot-rests for each of them and DVD trays are planted right behind the front seats. The roof is made of glass, letting the sun light to brighten the mood or the moon and starlight to peep in whenever passengers desire.

It goes without saying that there’s been no dearth in using of cutting edge technology when it came to its entertainment and safety features. Buyers can name it, and we are certain that amenity will be available inside Aviator. This is one ground where the manufacturers were not ready to compromise.

2017 Lincoln Aviator interior

2017 Lincoln Aviator: Engines and Price

The 2017 Lincoln Aviator is presently driven by a V8 engine of 5.4 liter. However, according to some sources, this engine is up for a replacement and its successor would be 3.5 liter V6 engine. This new powerplant is capable to generating a considerable strength of 370 HP accompanied by a torque of 430 lb-ft. Another probable unit is a 3.6 liter engine but we know nothing about its performance just yet. Rumors also suggest that a fuel efficient hybrid engine might come into the scene.

Price of 2017 Lincoln Aviator will begin at $35, 000. It shall be introduced sometime next, but it will be available in showrooms by early 2017.

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