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2017 Mazda CX-4: Design, Engine and Price

Crossovers are being more and more famous nowadays. Latest technologies, comfortable driving features and reasonable prices are some basic reasons motivating the people to buy a crossover. Mazda is known to produce the top crossovers in the world. Recently, it has planned to introduce the 2017 Mazda CX-4 crossover for fans.

2017 Mazda CX-4

2017 Mazda CX-4: Platform and Design

No doubt, Mazda is considered rough in the matter of designing because it produces special vehicles. However this time it will change the concept by launching a stylish opportunity for buyers. The 2017 Mazda CX-4 combination will make an impressive design with perfect frame and structure. There will be new combinations of platforms because Mazda will give it a completely new touch. On the other hand, the official reports confirm the frame weight drop. Aluminum and carbon fiber will be utilized to produce a light weight structure.

Exterior modification in the upcoming CX-4 crossover is based on the latest ideas. Mazda will go for the stylish approach rather than a rough exterior. It has started with the new platform that’s why there will be completely new aerodynamics. Front and back designing contains different features. Front style and layout strongly depends on the bumpers, hood, grille and headlights. The headlights are narrow with sharp appearance. There will be a single big round LED bulb in the headlights. Mazda has placed the indicators with this big bulb. Taillights are also LED based. Grille is connected with bonnet, bumpers and headlights. There are 4 horizontal large layers in grille. It offers a wide opened mouth in front. Bonnet of the vehicle has two slightly raised curves ending above the grille. Bumpers are black with two large horizontal openings. Mazda will definitely use broader tires (20 or 21 inches) with stylish aluminum rims.

2017 Mazda CX-4 side

2017 Mazda CX-4: Features and Engines

Driving cabin is more spacious and contains numerous modern facilities. The 2017 Mazda CX-4 will be an ideal crossover because of the modern gadgets. There will be adjustable seats, leather covers, active dynamic power steering, new gearbox, 2 speedometers, fuel gauge, heat indicator, and several controls. Revised dashboard contains A/C vents, large touch screen, digital sound system, multimedia speakers, and satellite radio. The touch screen offers Google maps and navigation. Several safety features such as stability control, airbags, rear view camera, pedestrian alert, exit alert, lane keep assist, parking assist and safety belts will be present in the vehicle.

The 2017 Mazda CX-4 will get powerful setups. Initially, Mazda will introduce 2.0 liters diesel or 2.5 liters gasoline engines. Another 2.2 liters diesel engine is also being prepared for European markets. This crossover will get a sports utility vehicle style because of the powerful engine setups under the hood. Mazda has not provided full details about the engine. It is difficult to estimate the projected fuel consumption rate of the new SUV right now.

2017 Mazda CX-4 interior

2017 Mazda CX-4: Price and Arrival

The price of the 2017 Mazda CX-4 is unknown yet. The carmaker is expected to bring this crossover in markets after the June 2016.

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