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2017 Mini Countryman: Changes, Features, Engine, Price

Mini is the economy car made by the BMC (British Motor Corporation). It is considered as one of the icons for the British since it came it. Mini was the car that appeared in the TV series Mr. Bean. It has been known especially by the time when it used to appear in the show and soon became popular worldwide for its unique appearance, spacy cabin and incredible performance. Mini Countryman is one of the famous models which was introduced in 2010. It is a subcompact SUV crossover which is launched by Mini. The model received a facelift in 2014 and became even better. The 2014 model is the current model being seen in the markets. Mini Country man has been the most popular vehicle there in the United States. Now the makers have decided to come up with the second generation model which will be the 2017 Mini Countryman. It is going to be different as this will be the second generation model. New features inside and outside will be seen with an even stronger performance this time.


2017 Mini Countryman: Changes and Features

The 2017 Mini Countryman is going to be an outrageous model that is ever going to be produced by the manufacturers. Some fresh features will be seen around the exterior of the upcoming model which will be inspiring for many others. It is going to be the Mini Countryman of the future with its delightful looks and dimensions. The 2017 Countryman is going to have a bigger body than before to give refreshed impression. The front fascia is going to be redesigned with a new grille. Along with that reshaped head lights will be there which will have advanced LED technology housed inside them.

New air vents are going to be present on the front bumper giving the entire front fascia a renewed look. The Mini logo will be seen above the grille instead of on it. The four-door crossover will tag along redesigned tail lights with new LED technology as well. A rear spoiler will be seen on the rear roof top. The cabin is eligible to house in five passengers easily.

When it comes to the interior of the new SUV, there are going to be changes which will give it an entirely new look. Dark colored upholstery is going to be manufactured for the 2017 Mini Countryman. Comfortable seats are made for the ease of the passengers. The interface will be revamped with new and advanced equipment. A tilting steering wheel is going to come along with a redesigned cluster of speed gauges.


2017 Mini Countryman: Engines and Price

A four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engine is going to be present under the hood of the new model. It will be running both on gasoline and will be diesel powered but with electrical energy similar to a plug-in-hybrid engine with the 2017 Mini Countryman.

According to the rumors, the upcoming SUV is going to be revamped and will be out in the markets in early 2017 with the estimated price of $30,000 for the base model or more.

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