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2017 Renault Captur: Changes, Engines and Price

The 2017 Renault Captur will have redesigned and fine looking appearance. The model will be well equipped with the latest technological features. The drive experience provided by the crossover will surely give pleasure to its users.

2017 Renault Captur spy

2017 Renault Captur: Changes and Tech

The distinct front grille of the 2017 Renault Captur will play a greater role in making the model look more delicate. The front fascia of the model will be more compact than before. The air vents below the headlamps are precisely packed with the fog lights. The roof of the model will be one of the changes that will be worth noticing. The model is equally good for occupants and the luggage at the same time. High quality leather is used to cover the seats. The inside temperature can be controlled through the modern climate controller. The model will be a good choice for the users that like to enjoy quality music. The infotainment system can be used with the variety of the options like USB ports, wireless Bluetooth, WIFI and the smart phone connectivity.

2017 Renault Captur  side

2017 Renault Captur: Engine Options and Fuel Economy

It is highly likely that the new 2017 Renault Captur model will have three different kinds of engine. The first model will be a 1.2L engine that will be able to generate 115 horse power and 140 pound per feet of the torque. The second engine will have an improved engine; the engine capacity will be slightly higher than the first variant. The engine will be able to produce 90 horse power and 160 pounds per feet of the torque. There are rumors that the third engine will have 0.9L engine. The engine will be powerful enough to generate 90 horse power and 100 pounds per feet of the torque. The transmission of the model is exactly what is required; the model will have 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission. The model will have high acceleration power that will take model reach 62 miles per hour in just 10.9 seconds. The top speed is more that what is actually expected. The model will have a top speed of 106-119 miles per hour.

It is not the engine that will make the 2017 Renault Captur model buyers the first choice. The SUV’s fuel economy is just unbelievable. The crossover will be able to travel around 35 miles in the city while consuming only 1 gallon of fuel. Same is the case on the highway, it will cover 56 miles per gallon consuming only 1 gallon of fuel. The potential buyers seeking for an opportunity to drive new Captur must not worry about the safety features. The model will be equipped with the latest modern safety features. The safety features does include seat belts and air bags.

2017 Renault Captur interior

2017 Renault Captur: Price and Release

The 2017 Captur will be a cheap alternative for a luxurious drive. The base version will have a competitive price of $ 22,000. The projected date for the model release is still under consideration. The model will be available for purchase in the last quarter of the year 2016.

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