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2017 Renault Duster 7-seater: Price and Performance

Facelift will be a major difference between the new 2017 Renault Duster 7-seater and the previous model. The variety of drive trains with the fuel efficiency will make the model a popular choice.

2017 Renault Duster 7-seater specs

2017 Renault Duster 7-seater: Design and Tech

The 2017 Renault Duster 7-seater will have a broader look just because of the addition of new platform. There is an increase in the dimensions of the body too. Likewise the length of the model will be much greater than the previous models. The extension in the size will play an important role in providing the space for the 7 occupants inside the model. It can be expected that new model might have Common Module Family (CMF) structural design. The extended wheel base will be one of the reasons for the extension in terms of the length. The new model will be 0.2 meters larger in length than the previous models. The interior of the model will have a much focused design. The quality of the interior can be judged by the latest design and appearance given to the model. It is also rumored that the new model will have some similar features like Duster Oroch.

2017 Renault Duster 7-seater

2017 Renault Duster 7-seater: Performance

The engine is efficient enough to give a rapid acceleration power. The choices are always there for the Renault Duster fans. The SUVĀ is expected to b e equipped with the diesel and the petrol engine. Just like the previous 1.5L engine with K9K technology inside, the new model may have a better power output then the 84 brake horsepower. In terms of the gear box, the new model will be provided with the efficient Easy-R AMT (automated manual transmission). The technology will use latest electro-mechanical actuators. There is a difference in clutching and gearing mechanism due to the actuators that can automate the system with the help of ECU (engine control unit). The technology will be the actual base for the efficient fuel efficiency of the petrol and the diesel engine. All wheel drive (AWD) will be an added improvement that will be provided with the next gen Renault Duster. The new Renault Duster will be able to achieve a better fuel economy. The model is expected to achieve 38 miles per gallon to 40 miles per gallon. But this is only an estimate; this fuel economy is still not confirmed by any source.

2017 Renault Duster 7-seater dash

2017 Renault Duster 7-seater: Price and Arrival

In order to take the driving experience of the 2017 Renault Duster 7-seater, users will have to wait until 2017. It would be difficult to estimate the exact date of release but there are reports coming that the model will hit the market somewhere in 2017. The price of the model is exactly what is expected. For a model with the upgraded interior and exterior, the price will range between $14,000- $18,000.

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