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2017 Scion C-HR Concept: Design, Hybrid, Price

Toyota has always been known about stability. In fact, the cars that the manufacturer produces are usually based on the general lines. However, all that is set to change with the new 2017 Scion C-HR Concept. It is so radically different than any of the previous models the car giant has produced, that it might just be the next big thing.

2017 Scion C-HR Concept

2017 Scion C-HR Concept: Design and Equipment

Almost everything on the new car seems to have been designed with a sporty look in mind. As such, on the front, the car has a flat bumper, something very unusual in Toyota cars. Moreover, the height of the new car seems to be much higher than its usual line of cars, courtesy bigger wheels. A very interesting addition to the car, however, seems to be an extra set of doors, bringing the total present in the car to 4. On the back, the traditional backlights have been replaced with L shaped ones which seem to give the back of the car a look of angry eyes at might.

The 2017 Scion C-HR Concept is a sleek and beautiful car and everything in the design seems to reflect only one thing in the mind of the engineers at Toyota: speed. In fact, the floating roof gives the same impression too; in a good way. As such, there are smooth flowing curves all over the body to minimize air turbulence. A curve in the body before rear fenders and a smooth curve in the rear doors accentuate this. Although the car has yet to hit production, most parts of the body have been finalize. The only things that seem to be left to decide are the actual wheel dimensions and a few of the smaller modifications like mirrors and the diffuser. There are talks of Toyota making it the long awaited Scion crossover, but with a beautiful design like this already in space, we certainly hope that Toyota will not opt for much in terms of change.

The new 2017 Scion C-HR Concept is actually a compact crossover. Which means it is well equipped to be the perfect crossover of being a sports and a commercial vehicle. As such, expect to see a totally premium upholstery on the insides with all top of the line upgrades like GPS, Bluetooth streaming. Not to be left behind on the safety features, all the usual ones like assisted parking etc. should also be present as well.

2017 Scion C-HR Concept

2017 Scion C-HR Concept Will Get Hybrid Power

On the power front, this car, not surprisingly, is supposed to feature a hybrid powertrain. Time has evolved since the period when electric cars were not as efficient. Hybrid engines now are not only more efficient and cleaner, they can output power just as efficiently as the conventional engines. With a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine in place, Toyota has decided to go the unconventional route. With a top speed of 110 mph and 0-60 mph in 8 seconds, we are not complaining.

2017 Scion C-HR Concept

2017 Scion C-HR: Price and Release

The price of the car will most likely be kept competitive to give Toyota the edge it needs in the compact SUV genre. With a launching date fixed in 2017, expect to wait some time before you can get one though.

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