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2017 Seat Ateca: Features, Engine, Price

The 2017 Seat Ateca SUV will be a fascinating choice for the user searching for technologically equipped vehicle. The model will offer a better cabin space and more tech. It is speculated that the model will clearly be a well established model in the market.

2017 Seat Ateca

2017 Seat Ateca: Changes and Features

The new   2017 Seat Ateca will be using global MQB platform. It is obvious that there are some dimensional changes observed in the model. The model will have a wheelbase 2.640 mm. There are some changes in the width as well. The new width will be 1.840 mm. The raised height of the model will be 1600 mm. The side fenders are much more packed than before. LED technology will be used in the front lights. The tailgate will be using electric motor to operate. The new Ateca will have a marvelous interior. The brown leather used inside the model will have a credible look. The newly designed dashboard is well equipped with 6.4 inches touch screen. The display of the model will be offering comfortable choices to the driver. The model will also have the systems like the traffic alert. The console inside provide soft buttons to the users.

The 2017 Seat SUV will be well equipped with the variety of safety features. Safety is always on the top of the list as far innovation is concerned. The features list includes Lane assistance and Emergency assistance. The advantage of this particular safety feature is that the driver is consistently monitored so as to keep the driver focused.  The model will be facing competition with Skoda Yeti, Nissan Juke, Nissan Qashqai and Renault Captur.

2017 Seat Ateca specs

2017 Seat Ateca: Engine Options and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Seat Ateca model will be a good choice for the users seeking efficient engine. The model will have 1.0L engine that can generate the around 113 horsepower. The model will be using L3 turbo engine to generate such high performance. The variety of diesel and the gasoline engine will make the model more viable choice for the buyers. Possibly the diesel engine will have three variants. The first engine will be 1.6L that can generate around 113 horse powers. The same 2.0L engine will be used to generate 190 and 150 horse power respectively. The standard transmission will be manual with 6-speed whereas 7-speed automatic transmission will be offered as a choice. It is also suggested that the model might have DSG (direct shift gearbox) transmission for the higher variants. In terms of fuel economy, the   2017 Ateca will be a tough competition. It is estimated that the model will be covering the distance of 100 kilometers while consuming only 5.2 Liter of fuel.

2017 Seat Ateca interior

2017 Seat Ateca: Price and Release

The 2017 Seat Ateca will be a feasible choice for the users. However the price of the model is still under consideration. But there are news coming that the model will cost around $19,500. The date of release is yet to be confirmed by the manufacturers. It is highly likely that the model will be available for test drive at the end of the year 2016.

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