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2017 Tesla Model Y: Specs, Price, Release Date

The Tesla motor company is adamant to deliver their specializing of electric cars in the class of crossover SUV, debuted by the Model X that acclaimed much value due to its powertrain performance, safety and utility packages and price. Following it, the American automaker ensures that they will soon introduce a new addition – the 2017 Tesla Model Y. The out spring of this news brought many auto experts to join head in a foreword for Tesla dare to keep up in the likes of crossover SUVs with its all-electric models.

2017 Tesla Model Y

2017 Tesla Model Y: Design and Drivetrains

It is reported that soon-to-be-released the 2017 Model Y will be based on the concept of Model 3 sedan, especially at the front end. As about Model 3 sedan, the Tesla has nothing yet released official, but it is anticipated that the crossover SUV will only be based on design of Model 3. While the production of Tesla Model Y has taken place, it is much featured on the future prospect of the auto maker and how they come to reap sales and achieve maturity in the crossover SUV class.

With one model already out in markets, the Tesla Y will feature the same powertrain. It includes two different batteries, with the first one being 60kWh, while the more powerful battery is 85 kWh. With a range of more than 200 miles and a power output of 400hp, the 2017 Tesla Model Y standard battery will make it one of the most powerful crossover SUV. The other powertrain variant of an 85 kWh battery, the horsepower could go as high as 700.

2017 Tesla Model Y side

2017 Tesla Model Y: Technology and Infotainment

Tesla Motors CEO Elton Musk revealed the coveted design of Model Y to trace the likes of Model X with the same Falcon Doors. He Tweeted this design, while removed after a moment and this develops a further heap of speculation whether the Model Y will feature falcon doors or not. Many people anticipate the particular feature after welcoming the same in Model X in high regards, and why not, it is a magnificent personification of next-generation technology.

In anticipation about Tesla Model Y’s interior, there are reports that the interior design has not been confirmed. Many expect the interior to follow the alignment and features of Model X.

As what people look forward to see is the dashboard design and as well as the giant touchscreen display. It can also be expected that Tesla would incorporate leather upholstery, Porsche Alcantara inspired and with wood accents.

The rest can be said about the upcoming Tesla Model Y that it will feature the same mobile phone charging integration that many car followers seemingly impressed of, and plus, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB port, infotainment system and voice control to remain standard as of multimedia features on dashboard panel.

2017 Tesla Model Y interior

2017 Tesla Model Y:Price and Release Date

It will definitely be a subject matter of engineering brilliance and what Tesla Motors are looking to introduce in to the market that specifically features their name in the class. Many experts claim 2017 Tesla Model Y’s rival to certainly be Volvo XC90 T8. While it shall be awaited for its release date, it should be priced around $80,000 as experts suggest.

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