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2017 Toyota Fortuner: Rumors, Engines, Price

Toyota is a company which takes care of the interest of all classes of the customers. Under the roof of Toyota you can not only get some of the very expensive luxury cars but some economical vehicles are also available. Toyota Fortuner, a middle rather small five door SUV is a vehicle designed for the people who cannot get to own a Prado for one reason or the other. In its class of SUV’s, Toyota Fortuner is second to none. Debuted in 2005, the SUV is based on the Toyota Hilux platform. The SUV is currently in its first generation. It is available with a choice of engines depending on the country of purchase. The SUV is made so as to function as a family van and a successful off-roader when required. In the city you can drive like a thorough gentle man and in a desert you can make it go like a real beast. The 2017 Toyota Fortuner is planned to be quite different from the current model in many aspects.

2017 Toyota Fortuner

2017 Toyota Fortuner: Rumors and Improvements

On the external the new model is rumored to have a totally new look. The engineers at Toyota are planning to give the vehicle a more modern as well as aerodynamic look. The bumpers will be replaced along with a new front grill. The door grips are probably the most primitive thing in the design of the new 2017 Fortuner. They will be replaced with netter ones in the coming model.

In the interior, the SUV will get more luxurious seats and better dashboard. The legroom will also be increased especially for the front passenger. The vehicle also has plenty of it still there is room for improvement. The air-conditioning of this model had some issued. It was known to put an extra burden on the engine. This bug will be fixed in the new model.

The most important improvement is expected and must be made in the suspension. The suspension is a bit more off-road tuned. The car is not as comfortable on road as sedans of half its price. Toyota is thinking on giving the SUV a better suspension, like one in the Prado to make the on-road ride quality better.

2017 Toyota Fortuner design

2017 Toyota Fortuner: Engine Options

To keep both the initial and operational costs of the 2017 Toyota Fortuner, it is fitted with a 2.4-liter diesel or petrol engine by default. In the upcoming model, the customers will be offered to choose from a range of 2.4 to 4.6 liter petrol or 2.4 to 3.0-liter diesel engines according to their specific requirement. The transmission option of automatic or manual is still available. The SUV has a 4×4 transmission. The 2017 model will have traction control and electric brae distribution in it to make the off-roading experience even safer and smoother.

2017 Toyota Fortuner interior

Price and Arrival

Hitting the market by the November of 2016, this mid-size 2017 Toyota Fortuner SUV is expected to have a retail of $35.000 to $45.000.

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