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2017 Volvo XC40: Design, Specs, Engine, Price

With every passing day people are becoming more and more conscious about environmental issues and are starting to adopt greener and cleaner energy sources and machines. The automobile industry is also shifting to renewable energy sources by the introduction of hybrid and plugin cars. The Swedish automaker Volvo has never been behind in such fields. By the end of this year, the car manufacturer is going to release a new 4 door compact crossover, which will be named the 2017 Volvo XC40. It will be Volvo’s first ever hybrid crossover. The project is a joint venture of Volvo and Chinese automaker Geely. The new crossover will be using Common Modular Architecture (CMA). This new addition to Volvo’s fleet will remove the C40 and S40 and some of the models of Geely which are only available in China.

2017 Volvo XC40 design

2017 Volvo XC40: Design and Specs

The vehicle will initially be available only as a four door crossover. Volvo has yet not confirmed offering any 2 door variants. According to the drawings and pictures issued by Volvo, the vehicle, however, looks more like a rough and tough SUV than like a delicate and sophisticated crossover. This crossover will have all the safety feature including ABS airbags and EBD. To meet the standards of energy saving, all the lamps will be LED based. The car will come with factory fitted alloy rims.

In the words of Volvo’s chief design engineer: “XC40 will have a design language of its own

It means it is not going to be like the previous models of Volvo. This car will have a totally new look, features and specs. The SUV will also be better and greener than the other Models of Volvo already in the market.

In the internal, like any other modern vehicle the new comer is planned to have a navigation system and a TFT LCD screen to serve as an infotainment hub. The type of sound system Volvo has selected is yet not clear.

2017 Volvo XC40 specs

2017 Volvo XC40 Gets New Engine

Volvo has announced they will power their new car with a turbo charged 1.5 liter three cylinder gasoline engine. The exact type of engine and transmission is yet not unveiled. For the customers demanding added power and economy, a plugin hybrid model will be made available. Again the type and power of the motors and the category of batteries to be used are still unclear. The plugin models will have the ability to drive short distances on the battery power only.

2017 Volvo XC40 interior

2017 Volvo XC40: Price and Arrival

This new model of Volvo is going to be one of their flagship models and they are taking their time crafting every single detail of it. The car will be debuted in the middle of 2017 (date not yet announced) and it will be in the market by the start of 2018 hopefully. Nothing is yet announced by the company or any of its dealers about the price tag of their upcoming model. As a general assessment a crossover of these specs having a well reputed brand name on the bumper will cost something from $20,000 to $25,000.

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