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2018 Ford Expedition: Improvements, Features, Price

As far as big and strong cars go, Ford has got it down right with the Expedition. In fact, the very first impression you get from the car is that it is downright indestructible which is not really very far from the truth. With the new edition 2018 Ford Expedition, the car is only set to be bigger; and we love it.

2018 Ford Expedition redesign

2018 Ford Expedition: Improvements and Features

The new generation Expedition is reported to be based exclusively on aluminium. While this will not be as light as a carbon fiber body, with the Expedition, we really do not really expect fuel efficiency in the. In fact, the current image is only helped forth with the addition of a sturdy full body aluminium frame. There a lot of flat panels, typical of an aluminium body and as far as external factor go; it resembles a truck more than anything else. The new 2018 Ford Expedition is apparently keeping the size factor the same as the current generation. This means that we can expect a reduction in weight by a factor of as much as 350 pounds as the current generation is based on steel, a substance which is far heavier than aluminium. In fact, the new model might turn out to be even lighter by the time the final version hits the showrooms. As far as economy is concerned, while most SUV owners do not really worry about it, Ford is committed to making it better with each iteration. As such, with the reduction in the body weight, experts in the industry feel that the car should be able to provide substantially better mileage.

While there has been no word on what the interiors might actually have, with a premium range SUV like this one, the 2018 Expedition should feature all the premium features that are possible. This would range from the integration of the latest software and GPS maps to premium upholstery combined with personal climate control options. Of course, safety features like airbags etc. would also be present thereof as well.

2018 Ford Expedition improvements

2018 Ford Expedition Engine

Getting inside the power line, it is expected that the SUV will not see any improvement in terms of the engine used. This is primarily because of the fact that the current generation of the Expedition was fitted with a 3.5 EcoBoost engine in the current iteration. Of course, since the car body is being shifted to a lighter material, there would have to be a few adjustments made to the transmission and such to keep the transition a smooth affair. There are talks about a less powerful version of the engine on the line in order to cater to a customer base which is not really interested with such amounts of power output.


Price and Arrival

We sure are excited about the new 2018 Ford Expedition. Besides the fact that it represents a real true blood SUV, the move to get a better economy and a sturdier body is sure going to be a hit. While prices have not yet been fixed, expect something comparable to the current version. Production is supposed to be finished by the beginning of 2018, so expect the first batch to be available by middle of 2018 at the earliest.

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