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2018 Ford Kuga: Refresh, Engines, Price, Tech

For a very long time, the European market has been in the news, especially regarding automobile industries. This time, the biggest news is going to be the launch of the updated 2018 Ford Kuga, also known as the Ford Escape in other parts of the world. The word ‘Kuga’ defines comfortable and sporty vehicle, which are the right words for the crossover. Ford is an American car manufacturing company renowned for its exclusive designed vehicles, is busy with the launch of its upcoming model. The latest model is a mid-sized, fast, sporty and budget friendly SUV launching somewhere by 2018 with refreshed looks and features.

2018 Ford Kuga

2018 Ford Kuga: Interior and Exterior Refresh

Under its roof, the crossover is going to be extremely spacious, confirms Ford. Even if you are wondering to go out for a holiday or for work purpose that requires carrying logistics, you need not to think about the cargo space. Ample loading and unloading area will be provided in the vehicle that will make your ride free of stress. The upholstery of 2018 Ford Kuga is classy and made up of finest quality material which will make you think of buying the exclusive car. Door panels will boast of dim lighting which will make driving this crossover more enjoyable.

A curvy body of this latest 2018 Kuga is going to grab eyeballs. A plastic appearance will be given to it, which will enhance its looks. Grilles are going to be broad with a metallic finish.  Longer wheelbase with appropriate tallness and width makes this model look incredibly appealing.

2018 Ford Kuga refresh

Powertrains and Technology

Ford’s famed EcoBoost technology is going to find its place in the Kuga crossover. The turbocharged 1.5 liters 4-cylinder engine has already been confirmed. The final output is still unknown. But car experts are predicting that 180 units of horsepower will be the minimum power.

Another engine of 2.3 liters capacity is also on the cards. A 9-speed auto transmission will be accompanied by both these engines which will give the crossover its necessary boost to its front wheels. You can even expect front wheel drive as an option. So be patient and wait for the car.  An approximate 30 miles per gallon will be offered which is highly satisfactory for modern crossovers.

Ford is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to equipping their latest model with high tech features. Some of them worth mentioning are:

  • Drive assistance technology
  • Adaptive Lighting System in front which will maximize visibility in low lights
  • Anti-Collision system called Active City Stop will make your car stop automatically if anything unusual comes in front
  • SYNC 3 entertainment system will make riders experience a fantastic sound system
  • Perpendicular Parking Assist will help Drivers Park at small spaces aptly

2018 Ford Kuga interior

Availability and Price

The 2018 Ford Kuga is going to be hit the markets by mid-2018. Rumors are also on the rise that you might get this car available in the international markets by late 2017. So you just have to be patient. The price of the 2018 Ford Kuga has not been made official. However, speculations are strong on its pricing which is going to be somewhere around $25,000.

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