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2018 Honda CRV: Changes, Engines, Price, Release

The first CRV was introduced with Civic style. It got its own special design and approach with the passage of time. Now, the Honda has planned to remake another remarkable opportunity for fans. This will be new 2018 Honda CRV containing most of the modern technologies and features.

2018 Honda CRV changes

2018 Honda CRV: Exterior and Interior Changes

Honda has kept the conventional style for the 2018 Honda CRV. There is no significant change expected with the design. According to the official updates, Honda will utilize previous platform with minor corrections. Company is trying to remove the faults and errors present in the last edition. On the other hand, the frame will be given a big hand. Honda is interested to minimize the structural weight of this SUV. Aluminum is a major component responsible for this job. Engineers have produced a brand new approach for aerodynamics in order to create a frame that is air friction resistant.

Exterior of the CRV SUV makes it more reliable and attractive. Honda has changed the exterior setup gradually but upcoming CRV will present a completely new look. The hood has been modified with two extreme marginal upraised portions. These portions are above the headlights and playing a vital role to give the vehicle a different shape. Headlights are narrow with rectangle box. There are round LED bulbs in this box with indicators. Grille has been modified into two major sections one containing small openings while second has two horizontal layers containing the Honda’s tag. Tires are broader with wider alloy rims. The company is more interested to change the style of front and rear bumpers. Front bumpers have an upward designing with large openings. There are two side sections of the front bumper each containing LED fog lights.

Interior is equipped with modern gadgets. The most special gadgets included by the Honda in new CRV are active dynamic power steering, A/C vents, satellite radio, Google Earth, strong navigation, multi zone temperature control and various indication systems. Honda has made the driving cabin spacious with adjustable seats, leather covers, a new gearbox and specialized dashboard. Infotainment section includes a big LCD, Touch screen, digital speakers and Dolby Sound System.

2018 Honda CRV specs

2018 Honda CRV: Engine Options and Fuel Economy

This SUV is powered by the 2.0 liters and 2.4 liters engines. Honda will create the unique 2018 Honda CRV for European markets with 1.6 liters i-DETC engine. Transmissions will be different for different regions. A 6-speed automatic transmission will be offered for Japanese markets while 9-speed automatic transmission will be available for European buyers. Both diesel and petrol engines will be available. The 2018 CRV will maintain 25 miles per gallon in town and 28 miles per gallon on highway.

2018 Honda CRV interior

2018 Honda CRV: Safety, Price and Release

The 2018 Honda CRV keeps safety belts, rear view camera, airbags, traction control, cruise control, stability control, parking assist and anti collision alert. Subaru Forester and Chevy Equinox will be best contestants for new CRV.

The price of the 2018 Honda CRV will start pretty low at $20,000. Honda has not given any exact date for the release of the outstanding SUV.

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