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2018 Lincoln Aviator: Design, Specs, Price, Release

The new 2018 Lincoln Aviator will be not a usual SUV design launched in the market. It is because of the unorthodox appearance of the model. There will be a number of features that will make the exterior design different. At a first glance, unlike the other SUV design, the new model will be exhibiting a smarter look. It can be said that it will share a lot of styling cues with the latest BMW coupe-looking crossovers. The suspensions on this SUV will be superb and will surely help maintain the car’s stability the weight of the model will be 5080 pounds.

2018 Lincoln Aviator

2018 Lincoln Aviator: Styling and Tech

The 2018 Lincoln Aviator will be a radical addition to the SUV Lincoln family. The quality of the exterior design is that the model will be using a uniform pattern from front to back bumper. There is a straight line that runs across the shoulder of the model in such a way that lower half and the upper half can be distinguished in a unique way. The front grille will have a rectangular-boxes. Every rectangle is further divided into smaller boxes that give a refined look to the front. The model will have a chrome roof rails.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, the tires used in the model will give a bulky look to the front bumpers. Same is the case with the wheelbase as well. The tailgate will be having a see-through styling; there will be vertical light on the tailgate that will be joining the back lamps. Cabin space is worth utilizing, quality leather will be used on the steering wheel. The infotainment system will be much better for the rear passengers. The high-tech features of the new Aviator will certainly make the difference.

2018 Lincoln Aviator

Engine Specs and MPG

Officially there is a lot to confirm about the new engine installed in 2018 Lincoln Aviator. There is a general thought that the new model will have a 4.6L engine. This engine will be supported by DOHC technology. With 32 valves V8 engine the model will be able to attain the speed of 60 miles per hour in just 7.6 seconds. Such accuracy and the precision can only be achieved with the help of 302 horsepower engine. Revolutions per minute are also impressive while the torque generated by the engine will be 300 pounds per feet. The transmission of the engine will be equally good with the 5-speed automatic gears. Rear-wheel drive configurations will make the drive more convenient for the users. The 2018 Lincoln Aviator model will have the economy of 22 mpg in city and 28 mpg on the highways.

Safety and Price

There will be standard safety equipment installed in the new 2018 Aviator. Collision control is one of the safety systems that will strengthen the overall safety ratings.

The new Aviator will probably arrive in November or December 2017. The price will be between $35,000 and $46,000.

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