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2018 Mini Countryman: Redesign, Engines, Price

When it comes to transformation and the efficacy, the only name that can strike your mind is the Mini Countryman. The model will be considered as one of the finest additions to the SUV family. The 2018 Mini Countryman model is expected to have a progressive makeover not only from the outside but also on the inside. The new model will be more presentable with the more focused interior design. The new design is a primarily intended to create a cabin so that it can significantly allow more space for luggage. The latest Mini Countryman version will be build on Clubman platform.

2018 Mini Countryman

2018 Mini Countryman: Redesign and Safety

From the outside, the model will have a more glamorous look. As compared to the previous version, the model may have larger grilles. From the exterior, the 2018 Mini Countryman may give a more compact look to the viewers. The head lights will have a minor transformation. The grille will have horizontal lines that will allow sufficient air to get inside the hood. The head beams are delicately designed to give round shape. The fenders will have the black border that runs across the sides gates. The tail lights will be more passionate about the new design. It can be expected that the model will have a large tailgate. There is a limited amount of information available regarding the interior of the new model. It is expected that the new model will have the silver-black color combination in the interior. Definitely, latest infotainment features will be added to the model.

Safety is always a focus when it comes to the latest designs launched by the company. Apart from the latest updated safety features the 2018 Mini Countryman will be having the head-up display, pedestrian and collision warning systems, the parking assistant.

2018 Mini Countryman

Engine Options and Fuel Economy

The 2018 Mini Countryman has always successfully engaged users by providing a proficient engine. Same is the case with the latest model. The redesigned SUV will have a 1.5L engine that will be using 3 cylinders to generate a sufficient power. But apart from the base model, there might be another engine that will have 2.0L engine. There are rumors circulating that the model might be provided with a hybrid and the diesel engine. The transmission provided with the manual could be automatic or manual. There is news that the model might have 6-speed transmission. Potential buyers need to stay tuned in order to get fresh updates about the new model.

With such a high performance of the engine, the execution will be perfect along with the mileage. Considering the previous model the engine will be giving an economical mileage around 32 miles per gallon on the highways. However, at the moment it is hard to tell about the exact fuel economy of the model.

2018 Mini Countryman dash

Price and Release

The 2018 Countryman is expected to be released at the end of the year 2018. The manufacturers have numerous dates under consideration for the perfect release. Considering the previous series the model might have a price around $36,000. But there is no official announcement as yet.

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