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2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV Rumors

The Subaru has a history of providing really successful crossover for drivers. The upcoming 2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV will be able to achieve a discrete level of success in the automobile market. The model will be a perfect car for outdoor venture.

2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV

2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV: Concept and Platform

From the exterior images launched in the market, it can be assumed that the 2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV will have delicate changes from the outside. The model will be modest in looks especially from the front fascia. The front grille won’t be too large in appearance. It is rumored that the model will be having a VISIV concept. The model will have a totally different platform as compared to the previous models. The overall proportions of the models will have some variations in terms of the dimensional figures. The model will definitely be greater in length than 191.5 inches. Same is the case with the wheel base. The wheel base is estimated to be greater than the 108.2 inches. The cabin space will be appealing to most the buyers because it offers a large seating space even to the third row passengers. From the interior, it is expected that the concentration will be more towards the up gradation so as to make the interior more reliable.

2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV

2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV: Engine and Fuel Economy

Subaru has always been exciting when it comes to the engine. Though there is not much detail shared to the buyers seeking information about the engine specifications. But the 2018 Subaru 3-row crossover is expected to have a four wheel drive option. There are fair chances that the model will also be launched with a hybrid engine as well. Some resources are also suggesting that new Subaru may have mechanical features that were used by the earlier models. But it is difficult to say that what would be the level of changes made by the manufacturers. Some of the links also revealed that the new Subaru might have a 2.4L engine with direct injection that can generate around 350 horsepower.

The manufacturers would keep the fuel economy secret until the proper launch of the model. The 2018 Subaru 3-row SUV will have impressive fuel figures as far as the estimate is concerned. The change in the platform will make the model lighter in weight and the impact of the weight will be playing a definite role in making the model more efficient.

2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV

Price and Arrival

The fans will be allowed to purchase the 2018 Subaru 3-row crossover SUV in the year 2018. No source has yet confirmed the exact date of release for the model. Same is the case with the price of the model as well. It is not really announced that what will be the price of the model.

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