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2018 Tesla Model X: Changes and Performance

Tesla’s Model S has left people wondering if such a car would be available at a lower price. It seems the company has long looked into this wishful thinking as the Tesla Model 3 has already been unveiled. The upcoming 2018 Tesla Model X will be somewhat unusual as the company will be pricing these vehicles at a reasonable price despite presenting great performance and driving experience. This upcoming crossover will catch the spirit of Model 3.


2018 Tesla Model X: Powertrain Specs

With this, it can also be concluded that most of the cars that Tesla is going to present in the future will have a decent price range for that’s the one thing Tesla has been doing great at. While the arrival of this car is due, several car experts have proposed some suggestions about it.

Car experts have suspected an X P90D and several improvements over it. It has been said that this upcoming Model X will be getting the biggest battery pack which is going to be a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery.

It has also been said that this battery will be able to cover as nearly as 155 miles which is almost equivalent to 77 MPGe. There is no doubt that there will be a 4-wheel drive configuration as each of the motors will power its wheels at each axle.


Exterior and Interior

This new 2018 Tesla Model X will likely be based on its predecessor which is the 2017 Model X. Most importantly, the (kind of) gullwing doors are likely to see improvements.

Experts have predicted that same design will be presented while some changes are likely to happen. This might take place in its front fascia. The headlights have been assumed to get a new shape. Its hood will be given a slight aggressive profile. Its side body has also been said to feature some minimal changes.

One company insider was heard saying that the windscreen will get a new angular approach. Other than this, its rear fascia is also likely to see some new additions to its stylistic features. The tailgate will get a fancy modification.

There is little or no information about the interior cabin of this upcoming 2018 Tesla Model X. The current Model X already holds a great cabin and the same have been expected out of this 2018 Model X.

Other than this, expect the infotainment system to get some new updates. The quality of upholstery materials will either be retained or will be made more premiums. The rest of its cabin is likely to stay pretty much the same.


Price and Release Date

The current model has been priced in around $80,000, and experts have tipped the price of this upcoming 2018 Tesla Model X to be slightly more than this. As far as the release date is concerned, it is likely to hit the showrooms in late 2017. Or it might so happen that it will get released during early onset of 2018.  

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