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2018 Toyota Prius SUV Will Definitely Arrive in 2017

Toyota is going to release another ┬áhybrid model, yet this time it will be a high-riding vehicle. Judging by the newest rumors, this will be the 2018 Toyota Prius SUV. It will feature the amazing┬ádesign like big fenders and four-door configuration. Of curse, the interior will be very intuitive and equipped with the latest technology. The car would be a good addition to Toyota’s lineup without any doubt.

2018 Toyota Prius SUV

2018 Toyota Prius SUV: Features and Styling

It is reported that 2018 Toyota Prius SUV will possess bold lines on its exterior side. It will also feature interesting floating taillight design to capture the attention of buyers. The big fenders and modified front light will also enhance its beauty. It will come with a conventional four-door configuration. Its aggressive front end design will also create an impression. This small crossover will possess alloy rim and wheels around 17 inches in size. The beautiful door handles will be used. It will come in different color schemes and designs. The exterior styling will help to boost the sale of this model. The traditional features like the bumper, grille, LED lights and Toyota logo may offer minor changes in design. This crossover may offer some changes on its rear end.

The current Prius lineup shares a beautiful cabin design to win the attention of buyers. The cabin will possess all instrument gauges in instrument panel. We can expect good interior layout for 2018 Toyota Prius SUV vehicle. The cabin will possess two rows of seats to accommodate five passengers inside. The good space will be offered between seat rows. The high-quality fabric material will be used in the construction of seats. The dashboard will offer the touch screen, keypad, instrument panel and many other features.

The upcoming model will also feature high quality and advanced safety features. The infotainment equipment will cover speakers, radio, mp3, mp4, Bluetooth, wireless and many other features. It may also offer air conditioning system to adjust the cabin environment. Front seats are equipped with power adjustment and rotation. It is possible to increase the storage space by folding front seats. Hangers, USB ports, curtains and carpet will facilitate to enjoy comfortable ride. It may have many other advanced cabin specs to compete in the market.

2018 Toyota Prius SUV interior


According to the latest rumors, the 2018 Toyota Prius SUV will arrive with a 1.5-liter diesel engine. It will be equipped with hybrid synergy drive system. This model will also offer a high level of fuel economy, maybe even better that the regular Prius currently offers. It will show the best output in the city and on highway. The tendency of another or second engine is not expected. It is assumed that this model will also possess power steering, automatic gearbox and advanced braking system to make sure safe driving experience. It is not possible to predict the accurate engine specs until the final release of this model in the market.

The presence of advanced safety features is reported in the 2018 Prius SUV. We can expect the presence of airbags, seat belts, alarm, cruise control and lane control and satellite navigation system.

The price of the 2018 Toyota Prius SUV model will be around $30,000. It will arrive sometime next year, likely in the end of 2017.

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