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2018 Volvo XC70: Improvements, Specs and Price

Volvo’s XC70 is probably one of the most luxurious crossovers in the automobile market. This crossover has got it all as it blends in every parameter that makes up perfect if not, great vehicles. Volvo is not going to lose this crossover, and the company might have planned this model for a long run in the future. Similarly, as a part of this, the company has the 2018 Volvo XC70 in plans.

Like the previous XC70 models, this upcoming variant will boast versatility to give one of a kind driving experience that Volvo is recognized for. Several company insiders have to say that this upcoming Volvo XC70 will be more focused towards its off-road driving prowess.

 2018 Volvo XC70

2018 Volvo XC70: Engine Options and MPG

Several car experts have expected a 2.5-liter engine to be used in this model which is going to produce 250 HP of power and similar amounts of torque. A 2.0-liter engine is also likely to be in the option. A hybrid engine has also been said to be used which will be a 2.0-liter gasoline unit paired with a 60 kW electric motor. This combined configuration should give about 400 HP of maximum power and similar amounts of torque.

An 8-speed geartronic automatic transmission system will be used. Both 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive configuration are suspected to be presented in the option. As far as the mileage of this model is considered, the figures are likely to stay at 20 to 24 mpg in city drive and 27 to 30 mpg on highways.

Improvements and Features

The existing XC70 already possesses great visuals as they are one of the prominent factors for their success. Improvements to be brought out in this upcoming 2018 Volvo XC70 will be like an icing on the cake.

Changes will definitely take place over the front fascia. This might be characterized by a modified grille as it has been suspected to feature an aggressive profile. Moreover, the air vents will be given a new shape. Several assumptions hold that its hood will get sharper cuts. The aluminum skid plate will be made more sporty, and speaking of ‘sporty,’ this upcoming model will also have revised roof rails that will highlight its sportiness.

The interior cabin of 2018 Volvo XC70 is also going to see some changes. Experts have predicted that the dashboard will hold some new styling. The center console will also meet some revisions.

Expect the infotainment system to be upgraded with new convenient management systems. The steering wheel is also likely to get some revisions with upholstery and control buttons. Accommodation in this cabin will be up to 5 adult passengers. Expect the safety features to be upgraded as well. All in all, the premium world class feel that Volvo provides will not be missed out.

Price and Release Date

The starting price of this model has been expected to be around $39,000 which will be for its base model. The 2018 Volvo XC70 is suspected to be released during the last quarters of 2017.

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