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BMW X8: Performance, Specs, Price, Release

BMW is one of the world most renowned automaker known for prolific product in the market. In formation reaching the public from the automaker proved that the automaker is planning to hit the world with dynamite the BMW X8 as soon as possible. This vehicle is coming with improved features both at the interior and exterior part.


BMW X8: Design and Features

Everything about the upcoming BMW X8 is made to give the potential drivers great experience while on the cruise at any point in time. The exterior part is made with modernize and more aerodynamic body which improved the performance and speed of the SUV. To enhance the engine performance there is incorporation of good air intake which will help the engine to breath well while on the move. The front side is designed with improved LED headlight technology coupled with perfectly positioned fog light between the headlight and down air intake grille.  The vehicle is also built with alloy wheel which will add more to the stability while on the go. The rear end of this vehicle is also built with improved features and wonderful design.

Coming inside this BWM X8 you will be welcomed by quality leather upholstery and other infotainment functionalities. The seats are designed with adjustment features coupled with quality form and leather material which will enhance the comfort and pleasure of the users. There are great infotainment feature including MP3/FM/AM radio player with high quality speaker. Users will also connect better between this vehicle with their handheld device through Bluetooth, USB port and others. There is also navigation system, climatic control, automatic air conditioning system and others in this vehicle. Users will stand chance of driving this vehicle to long distance without having to bother refueling from time to time with the high fuel economy associated with this car.


BMW X8: Engine Specs

The engine of this car is expected to be borrowed from the BMW X7 series but with improved feature. This information is still base on the rumors from the enthusiasts but has not been confirmed by the automaker. So, users should be expecting turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine with ability to produce 320 horses. Another engine to be expected for this vehicle is a 4.4-liter V8 engine with ability to produce 445 horsepower. There are other engine options expected to come with BMW X8 but information about them is not yet known.

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BMW X8 interior

BMW X8: Price and Release Date

The release date of this wonderfully built and high-tech automobile is expected to be by 2020. But information about the exact date has not been made known to the public. More so, the price of this BMW X8 is expected to be a bit more than the price of the X7. Nevertheless the information is not known for now.

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