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Mazda Koeru Concept: New Design, Changes and Engine

Japanese car manufacturer has revealed about the Mazda Koeru concept. From the Frankfurt show, we have learned that Mazda concept is going to be a remarkably looking vehicle and its production is ready to begin. The question of concern now is will it be called CX-4 or CX-5 crossover-coupe?

Mazda Koeru Concept

Mazda Koeru Concept: New KODO Design and Changes

Initially, we thought that Koeru will be a model bridging between CX-4 and CX-5 that are already in existence but after the first look, it seems to be something bigger and better. Some of the people in the audience were wondering if it is the preview CX-7. It was perhaps because of the low roofline which has made the vehicle look a bit longer. The size of the new concept is similar to that of CX-5. 21 inch wheels are provided and the proportions have been flattened.

The Japanese aesthetics are available. It is the advent of the new KODO design. KODO has always been known for power and wild-animal like viability. The theme of the design has been adapted for making it a crossover. Many changes are set for this new concept. LED guiding rings will be seen and this will give the appearance of wild eyes. The wheel is a combination of speed and volume which makes this vehicle even more unique. The front and back fenders have been extended towards the wheels. The vehicle can adjust 5 passengers easily. Realistic taillights and headlights have been provided. Other changes which will be seen include the wing mirrors, larger door lands and smaller wheels.

For the interiors, gear selector, steering wheel and instruments have been designed. The screen for the MZD multimedia system has been reshaped. Be mindful that the fundaments of the dimensions will be changed.

For the Mazda Koeru concept, you will get the best safety. The automaker has focused on the needs of the human driver. The safety technologies have been designed for reducing and preventing the damage resulting from different accidents.

Mazda Koeru Concept

Mazda Koeru Concept: Performance and Engine

It seems that the Mazda Koeru concept is the future concept for the CX-5. Mazda has promised to provide better performance for its new concept. It is not just pretty looking but the design is outstanding in the aerodynamics as well. The speed stability is reliable and the structure of the vehicle is rigid as we all know.

Powertrain remains a mystery because we don’t really have any specific details on the specs available yet. Rumors say that 2.3 liter turbo engine will be provided. There is no information about the transmission, drive configuration and other details on the performance, handling and fuel efficiency.

There is no information about the price of Mazda Koeru concept. It might be revealed in the mid of 2016. The production of this new Koeru will be larger. Mazda will fall in the premium direction but its price is not going to be that high. The automakers aim to give a greater value of the vehicle from its design. This will be the niche busting model.

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